– The expert website for taxes and accountancy is a completely free resource website, containing comprehensive and systematized ex-pert knowledge in the spheres of: tax legislation; practical accountancy; accounting standards and practi-cal payroll processing. unites experts in all these spheres, who answer specific and practical questions exceeding basic knowledge on these subjects.

The Acts and Standards sections provide information on existing legislation and accounting standards to-gether with their resumes, which make them far easier for understanding. The information in the website is constantly updated and enriched with numerous letters and instructions issued by the National Income Agency, the National Social Security Institute, Labour Inspection as well as examples of applicable court practice, expert articles and answers to questions of users.

In the Practical accountancy and Payroll processing sections you can find nearly 350 systematically clas-sified practical lessons through which anyone who wants could learn specifics of the accounting profes-sion or payroll processing. These lessons are also suitable for professionals who have to deal with prob-lems they have not faced before. allows each expert in the sphere of accountancy, taxes and payroll to register, following the in-structions in the website, and to publish their own expert articles, opinions or answers the questions asked by users.

Moreover, provides a completely functional labour exchange for accountancy/finance per-sonnel. There are also special sections for accountancy and financial literature and for upcoming tax-accounting seminars.

The basic practical knowledge in is uniquely developed and has no analogue in Bulgaria and abroad. We are especially proud of the section „Practical accounting of economic operations”. is suitable for everyone who wants to master the accounting profession quickly and easily, and for those professionals who need a solution of specific cases they meet for the first time. is also useful for managers, entrepreneurs, men of law and all other economic consultants who need to learn more about a particular accounting or tax matter from a referent source. is created and supported by Kreston BulMar

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Kreston BulMar provides financial audit, accounting services, payroll, tax consulting, business valuations and legal services.

Today Kreston BulMar has 80 employees, 11 partners, 7 offices in the country and over 1 000 permanent customers.

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